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Buying citizenship in China-da

The application process for Canada’s investment visa’s will open this summer again. The stakes have been raised, though: investors have to be worth at least 2,6 million EUR en be willing to buy 1 million in government bonds. Or they can choose to donate 300,000 to the government. 
    “That’s nothing for China’s rich,” says Daniel, a broker that caters to wealthy Chinese clients. 
    Once in Canada, Daniel’s clients often discover that life there isn’t as easy as it seems. Many notice that they can’t get used to the peace and quiet. 
    “Some play Mahjong all day,” says Daniel.         
    He befriended many of his clients, because “they don’t know anyone else.”
Big Momma City is what some Chinese call Vancouver, because it’s often only women and children living there. Men are in China most of the time.
    “They’re used to making a lot of money very fast, and that’s not possible in Canada,” Daniel says. 
    Some immigrants are corrupt government officials who can’t leave China. They send their family abroad to guarantee their safety. Daniel has seen mega-mansions whose residents have clearly left in a rush. He’d see fallen chairs that nobody has bothered to straighten up again. 
    “In that case, you know that something has happened.”

Published in NRC. next, Dutch national newspaper



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