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Hi! I'm Mary Wang.

I'm a Chinese-Dutch writer and editor living in New York. I share a home with my partner, our four cats, and one very independently-spirited rabbit.

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Ten Translations of Care [Longreads]

My family conspired to hide my grandmother’s illness from her, which is one of the many ways the sick are cared for in China.

Politics Stressing You Out? Alternative Medicine Is Ready to Help (Again) [WNYC]

Many New Yorkers have resorted to holistic medicine, especially those who lacked access to mainstream care in the first place.


The Next Wave of Activism Is Taking Place in Rural America [the Guardian]

Traumatized by Occupy’s dissipation, the founder of the movement realized that street protests have become outdated. Now he’s focusing on hyper-local activism.


Seeing Through The Fog: Part One,

Seeing Through The Fog: Part Two [Guernica]

A two part series on how ancient philosophy and medicine come up against pollution and modernization in China.

In Indonesia, Drag Is Allowing Queens to Shift Between Worlds [Vogue]

For the queens performing at Cabaret Raminten in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, influences come from far and wide.



With Zanele Muholi, the South African LGBTQ Community Is (Literally) Taking Center Stage [Vogue]

The visual activist travels to New York with the community she's documenting.


Guggenheim’s Much-Contested China Exhibition Holds Up An Unexpected Mirror to America Instead [Vogue]

On the messy entanglement of censorship and freedom. 


With Shaneera, Fatima Al Qadiri Asks What Drag Means in the Middle East [Vogue]

The musician's new album is dedicated to the world's "evil queens."


Longing for Tomorrow [Real Life]

Science fiction blockbusters should comprise the future of emotions as well as technologies.


Seeing Things: Hilton Als, Alice Neel, and the Art of Looking [Village Voice]

On the two great essayists of our time.



San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz Resorts to Protest Tees to Say What Trump Doesn’t Want to Hear [Vogue]

Carmen Yulín Cruz understood the political power of fashion.


Modest Fashion Is Everywhere — for Good and Bad [Racked]

With dedicated bloggers and the new Net-a-Porter-like Modist, dressing demurely is going mainstream.


The Pleasures of Slow Shipping [Man Repeller]

Fashion is at its most magical when there’s excruciating distance and anticipation involved.


New York Fashion Week Has Become Unaffordable - For Young Designers [Racked]

Alternatives like Harlem Fashion Week have sprung up to give up-and-comers a chance.


The Hijab: For Faith and Fashion [WNYC]

In politically divisive times, some use fashion to bridge the gap. 



Gloria Steinem’s Advice for the Next Generation of Feminists Is a Must-Read for Our Time [Vogue]

A conversation with the icon about the challenges we face today.


The Real Life Carrie Bradshaw [Vogue Netherlands]

An interview with sex-columnist Karley Sciortino.